The XK8 - a phenomenal British motorcar

Photographs just don't do it justice. The sleek Jaguar XK8 Convertible is arguably the most drop-dead gorgeous piece of sculpture on four wheels that can be seen on the road today.
click here to see my tribute to the fabulous XKE roadster, the forerunner of this car

Libby likes to drive her too!

What a cute behind!

The 1961 Jaguar XKE was the one that started it all. 40 years ago, I fell in love with this car when it first came out, but it was just too impossibly small for me to fit in. 35 years later in 1996 Jaguar debuted the legendary XK8 convertible, their new top of the line, which actually fits me pretty well, and I knew I had to own one. The XK8 was designed by Jaguar as the chronological successor to the XJS, but the spiritual successor to the XKE carrying on the lineage of this legendary sportscar. With a 300 hp V-8 (top speed 155 mph) and a combination of sophisticated ride and handling which is unmatched by any other popular European luxury vehicle, this is the ultimate 'grown-up' sports car. See a sampling of brief excerpts from some of the terrific reviews this fine motorcar has received from the world's top automotive magazines. You can also read this glowing 600 word review or this more indepth full length review. Clearly the XK8 is an engineering triumph for Jaguar!  We're also pleased to have our black beauty featured as one of the gallery of fine automobiles at